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See and hear every moment of your special event in vivid HD picture and high quality sound.

If you are looking for a professional wedding/event videographer who will capture every moment of your most memorable day in a creative way at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. We are a full service wedding/event videography company servicing primarily the south island but also the whole of new Zealand. We provide wedding movies using the latest technology on DVD and Blu-ray. Please scroll down to find out more.






Super Saver Package

This is our newest package for those looking to have an excellent keepsake video of their event that’s also easy on the wallet. 

• 1 Videographer/Camera • Coverage of your ceremony & reception in HD • Professionally edited 5-10 minute highlight reel • Raw Footage provided on SD cards or hard drive (Additional fee)


Silver Package

Our Silver Package covers all of the essentials of wedding/event videography. This package is affordable, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing every special moment will be preserved for your future enjoyment. 

• 1 Videographer/Camera • Coverage of your ceremony and reception • Professionally edited full-length video (60-90 mins.) • 3-5 Minute highlight reel (available to share on-line) • Custom soundtrack (suggest up to 5 songs)• 3 DVDs 


Gold Package

Don’t miss a thing with full coverage by our Gold package. Rest easy knowing two professional videographers will be available to you all day. Get multiple angles and close-ups for a much more dynamic, Hollywood-style movie. 

• 2 Videographers/Cameras • Coverage of your ceremony & reception in HD • Guest Video Message Station (friends and family can leave fun video messages) • Professionally edited full-length video (60-90 mins.) • 5-10 Minute highlight reel (available to share on-line)• Soundtrack (suggest up to 5 songs) • Your choice 3 DVDs or 2 Blu-ray Discs


Platinum Package

Relive every moment of your wedding day with this all-inclusive package.
From stepping into your dress to waving farewell to your wedding guests, we’ve
got you covered by 2 videographers and 3 HD cameras.

• 3 Cameras/ 2 Videographers (more Hollywood style, more dynamic angles) • Guest Video Messages (friends and family can leave fun video messages) • Pre-Wedding preparations (ex. hair and makeup) • Professionally edited full-length video (60-90 mins.) • 5-10 Minute highlight reel (share on-line) • 2 Photo montages (ex. love story, childhood, honeymoon) • 3 DVDs or 3 Blu-ray Discs


Raw Footage

Are you a savvy Do-it-yourselfer?
If so, our raw footage only package might be the perfect fit for you.

• Coverage of your ceremony and reception • Shot in HD with DSLR cameras • Raw un-edited footage provided to you on Class 10  SD cards. (additional fee) • Relive your wedding the very same night!


Photo Montages

Were you and your fiance high school sweethearts?
Tell the story through photos with a professionally edited montage

• Engagement Party Photo Montage • Bridal Shower Photo Montage • Rehearsal Dinner Photo Montage • Honeymoon Photo Montage • Childhood Photo Montage • Love Story Photo Montage


Editing Only

Did your Uncle Jim record your wedding for you on his cell phone? Did you save some money by opting for raw footage and would like to take some of that gift money, and put it toward a fabulous wedding video. We’ll create a professional video keepsake out of your archived footage.

 • Professional video editing • DVD/Blu-ray authoring • Custom Jewel case



1. Who is Uptown Video Productions

Don Ferguson is the owner and lead videographer/editor for Uptown Video productions Videography. he owns and operates the company together With his wife Michaela. “We thoroughly enjoy working with happy new couples in love to create a timeless keepsake video of the most special day of their lives. The love and joy from weddings and other special occasions is simply infectious; we love being a part of it all”. Don studied video production at the University of Advanced Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia. We have been in the wedding/event videography business since 2009. We have built up a stellar track record with our past brides and grooms, some have even become great lifelong friends. We also have a great network of assistant shooters, who share the same passion for wedding/event videography as we do.

2. What do I get with my package?

With every package you would get a professional wedding and/or event videographer. Most wedding packages include a full-length wedding video with a run-time of about 60-120 minutes long, where you will see and hear everything just as it happened, We call it raw footage. Every package also includes a 3-10 minute edited highlight reel available online and on your professionally authored DVD or Blu-ray.

3. How long does it take to get my wedding video?

We put great care into producing high-quality wedding videos for every one of our clients. The typical turn-around is 8 to 12 weeks, and up to 16 weeks during peak season. We make it a priority to communicate the status of your project as we know how excited our clients are to see the footage from their wedding or special event. Most do not know the behind-the-scenes process it takes to produce a beautiful wedding video. There is many stages to production such as cataloguing, archiving, then there is the review and rough-cut. Next is the final cut where music, transitions and video and audio effects are applied. Then there is exporting, DVD and/or Blu-ray menu authoring, finally there is the custom designed DVD/BR case, then it’s off to the mail!

4. Do Uptown Video productions shoot in my area?

We provide wedding and event videography services for all of New Zealand.

5. How do I book Uptown Video productions videography?

Our calendar tends to fill up fast as we are small company, and we try not to double book. Our clients will typically reserve their date 6 months to a year in advance. (Occasionally, we do have last minute dates available, so please contact us to find out if your date is available no matter how close it is.)To reserve your wedding date, simply email or give us a call and let us know which wedding or event videography package you are most interested in. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. We require a non-refundable 30% deposit and a signed contract to hold your date (for weddings at least 3 months away). Payments are to be made by direct credit into our bank account.The details are on our contact page.


6. What is the benefit of a wedding video?

Wedding photography has been a long standing must have for planning any wedding. And a wedding video was really expensive and only available for those with a large budget. With the digital age, wedding videography has really taken off. With smaller DSLR cameras and amazing lenses, really dynamic angles and beautiful high-definition footage is much more easily obtainable.

As a professional wedding videography company, our experience gives us an edge over “Uncle Johnny.” We are always ready to shoot, ensuring we capture every moment. And we are always ready for the unexpected. We strive to get the best picture and sound quality with professional lighting and audio equipment.

We know what to look for. Every wedding has had a ton of pain staking planning that has gone into it, and we notice. Including shots of your hand-crafted decor, favors, centerpieces and table dressings are just a few things that really set the tone for your wedding video. You would not normally get to see your guests reaction to your custom designed place cards or wedding programs, because you will be so busy throughout your special day.

Also our footage will be less biased than “Uncle Johnny’s.” Your mother’s brother might be more interested in his own children, brothers and sisters. And while I am sure Little Johnny is super cute, you might be more interested in seeing if those dance lessons paid off during your first dance.

A wedding video is like a time capsule for your family. This will be the first time your two families come together, and shots of great grandma and grandpa will be priceless in years to come. Those 5 and 6 month olds will be 5 and 6 year olds before you know it. A wedding video is a great way to capture one of the most special days spent with your closest family and friends for many years to come.

7. How many hours are included?

Every wedding or event is totally different. We try to remain as flexible as possible. Typically, our event video coverage begins at the start of the ceremony for weddings. We wrap up shooting at approximately 9:00PM. That gives us enough time to capture all the main events at your reception.

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We are so happy we went with

Uptown Video Productions! Not only a great price but great service and we love our video! Thank you Uptown!!

Kristen (Bride)


We knew we wanted a video done

of our wedding in addition to our pictures to truly capture the look and feel of the event. We found Uptown Video productions during a search on-line and were impressed with the quality of their videos and their reasonable pricing. We booked with them and hoped for a great video of the wedding. They arrived promptly and captured ALL of our event – from pre-ceremony pictures to the last dance. The video staff were incredibly helpful and courteous, and often times, I didn’t even realize they were there. They worked wonderfully with our photography staff to make sure to not appear in our pictures in the background. A few weeks later, Don worked with us via email to finalize our preferences and compiled our video. The result was beyond our expectations. We were so happy we made the investment…it was absolutely worth every penny! We highly recommend Uptown Video productions for your videography needs!

Sally (Bride)

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We were originally not going to do a wedding video due to the cost and then about 3 weeks before our wedding we decided to look into videography, I found out about Uptown Video productions Whilst looking for a DJ and was ecstatic about their options as well as their affordability. We were impressed with their professionalism and how they were at our wedding from beginning to end and were even more impressed with our final DVD of the wedding. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thank you for preserving our memories in such an amazing way.

Karen (Bride)

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