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How ethnic music can boost the atmosphere and bring all the guest together

Uptown Entertainment DJ hire were doing a corporate job for a banks Christmas party and a lot of their staff were Indian. For some of the night our  DJ was just playing commercial top 40 tracks and people were slowly getting in the mood and slowly making their way to the dance.

later during the night some of the Indian staff requested some Indian songs. At uptown Entertainment DJ hire gigs we rarely get requests for Indian songs and also for corporate jobs and corporate clients they don’t usually tell Uptown Entertainment DJ hire to download specific tracks, they just want their guest to enjoy the night and music and we usually play commercial tracks that we know everyone knows and loves.

When they asked our  DJ to play Indian songs we said “no problem we can do that”! we knew there are a few cool Indian remixes done by popular artists. ‘Jay Z and Pujabi MC’s – Beware’ came up in our  djs mind, we played that and the whole group of the Indian staff came to the dance floor to break out their moves, the Indian ladies were doing a beautiful ethnic dance with their hands and fingers and also teaching their other colleagues how to dance to it. Everyone was laughing and having a great time listening to the music and maybe at work these colleagues are serious and in work mode so maybe it was nice to see them with their hair down and having a ball

Then when we saw how much of a success this was we played ‘Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls’ and sure enough that was a major hit with the crowd as well.

The night was going well and people did have a good time but after we played those 2 songs more people came up to the dance floor, everyone was laughing, and more people stayed onto the dance floor and kept drinking and dancing. In such a corporate and serious industry, banking staff love to let their hair down and party and when you find those hit songs that get everyone going it is gold.

We will definitely be adding more ethnic songs like this to our Christchurch DJ hire music collection and also encouraging our clients to let us know specific songs to play. Also for Indian parties we will definitely be playing these 2 songs.

Fletchers Christchurch Xmas Party 2015

Cherrys Early Learning Centre Xmas Party 2015