Corporate Function


When organising a corporate function it’s important not to make the mistake of choosing a substandard DJ. The wrong volume, the wrong music at the wrong time – it can all add up to an embarrassing corporate event. You need a DJ that has over 25 years of experience and a good track record of being reliable, professional and delivering exactly what you need.

Uptown Entertainment Canterbury will work closely with you to make sure we understand your requirements and fit into your event’s running sheet. Our team of talented and experienced deejays & light technicians can make sure you create the appropriate mood and effect for your next corporate function.

Whether your event is purely social or specifically work-related, our DJ’s will work with you to discuss your ideas as well as make suggestions, which will give you the result you are after and creating the right atmosphere for your corporate function.

Hosting a product launch, presentation, Christmas party or an Annual Dinner Party? Our DJ’s have the experience and equipment to make it an event to remember.

Our DJ’s supply speakers, cordless microphones, notebooks and projectors, projector stands, lighting special effects and much more.

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Looking for a unique and fun idea to make your corporate event unique? Then hire out our custom dancing and drinking montage, to be projected on a blank wall or our 110 inch screen at your venue. Impossible to get anywhere else, we have painstakingly cut and re-edited 100’s of films from every genre and time period imaginable to create a “MASH UP” of drinking and dancing scenes. The video is two hours long and automatically loops so you never notice when they repeat. Plus it’s film clips only, so they work with whatever music is being played.